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Block Management


Block management Prestwich - Manchester - Leeds

Block management is the term used for managing blocks of flats. This involves the collection of service charges and or Ground Rents, as well as arranging works and maintenance on the property. We, at S & S pride ourselves in successfully implementing a streamlined process of block management:

Do you need Block Management Services?


Each lease is unique and tailored specifically to each development. No two leases are identical, even within the same block of flats. 

With branches in Greater Manchester and Leeds we have the advantage of local, response teams which can resolve any issue swiftly and effectively. This is important in all situations, especially in emergencies. The amount/type of work which we carry out is dependent on the individual lease of the property. 


At S & S we have a dedicated Maintenance Department that deals solely with the maintenance of the properties we manage and carries out weekly on-site inspections to check that the properties are maintained to the level required. 


When necessary, we liaise with independent contractors to find the best quotation possible. 

After any work has been done, we make sure that the property is in good repair and that the work has been carried out to the highest standard. 

These works can include, but are not restricted to:

  • Ensuring that the building and common areas are maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease

  • Preparing specifications of work

  • Consulting with owners and overseeing major works

  • Ensuring owners receive value for money for service charge payments

  • Keeping and maintaining compliant accounting records

  • Painting and decorating

 Employing S & S Block Management Services as agents can drastically reduce the stress in managing a property. S & S Block Management Services is the best choice for you and your property requirements.