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Buying a property is a highly pleasurable and satisfactory experience, yet that doesn’t guarantee the ride will be smooth sailing throughout.

If you're looking to buy a home anywhere from Prestwich and Whitefield to Leeds and Liverpool, why npt have a look around our listings

Often a time, property sales and purchases can involve an array of unexpected events that threaten to topple the advancement like a game of domino's.


From the vendors and purchasers, to solicitors who at times may not be able to perform with the rapid speed necessary, glitches in the mortgage or surveying results, these are all unfortunately not-uncommon occurrences in the property field, and without a highly experienced & knowledgeable property negotiator, many a sale can be lost due to these occurrences.


Crucial to the smooth running of any sales progression is a confident, assertive and resourceful mediator who can play the game right, balancing & juggling the timings, the wordings, the  nuances and the fine-tuned details ensuring all parties collaborate in a cohesive and unified manner.


At S&S Estates, residential sales are at the forefront of our expertise. With over a decade of negotiating & facilitating in hand, Craig Scherer with his team of selected vigorous personalities pool resources to see any sale, no matter how complex, through to the very end.   


With our clients as our very most valued element to our existence, we exert ourselves out in all areas, stretching our capabilities and solidifying our commitment to our customer satisfaction.


Thinking of making your dream purchase? Ensure the agents you are working with are competent & fluent in all areas of property requirements.  Don’t let the hitches along the way cause the sale to derail.


There is a solution to every issue and persevere to ensure that the home you are dreaming of, becomes yours!