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Whether you are planning to let or sell a room, studio flat, house or even an estate, a Management Agent can be invaluable in taking care of the whole process for you.


At S & S we provide a range of services which include:

  • Collecting rent

  • Managing the day-to-day running of the property

  • Addressing the legal aspects of the let on your behalf

  • Our To Let Only Service


Our To Let Only Service

Our personal landlord service starts with professional guidance and advice on the best marketing strategy for your property, bearing in mind your personal timeframe. We do our utmost to serve your interests in securing the most suitable tenant at the best rental price.

We will assist you in finding the best tenant for you by:

  • Marketing

    • Circulating details of your property to potential tenants throughout our network.

    • Informing a large selection of companies and relocation agents.

    • Advertising in your local press.

    • Placing a ‘To Let’ board at the property.

  • Viewings

    • Advising you immediately of tenancy applications and accompanying prospective tenants.

  • Vetting candidates

    • Interviewing potential tenants and obtaining credit checks and guarantors when necessary.


We will also:

  • Prepare documentation required by current legislation.

  • Re-let the property as quickly as possible thereby minimizing any 'down-time.

  • We aim to work with you whilst arranging all of the above, and you will receive invaluable independent advice from our well trained staff whohave expert knowledge in these areas.


Full Property Management Service

Allow us to take complete control of all aspects related to letting your residential property and eliminate all the hassle and bother of doing everything yourself. 
In addition to all the rent processing services, we will: 
  • Arrange the inventories and Schedules of Conditions you need prior to letting.
  • Provide readings of the utilities to your chosen provider; however, we cannot guarantee that our readings will be recognized by them.
  • Secure the tenants’ deposit in the DPS as required by legislation.
  • Inspect and report upon your property quarterly, coordinating minor repairs up to an agreed limit and settling invoices from rents received.
  • Advise you when the tenancy is coming to an end and seek your instructions for re-letting or selling the property.
  • Arrange a full property inspection and inventory at the end of the tenancy.
  • Agree any damages or dilapidations (over and above fair wear and tear) with tenants before releasing their deposit.
  • Arrange any necessary cleaning and minor repairs, deducting costs from the tenant’s deposit where applicable and agreed.
  • Monitor rent payments and alert you if tenants fall behind or breach the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Assist you in finding a buyer with our marketing skills, viewings, and vetting of candidates, in the event that you decide to sell the property.
  • For the past decade, we at S & S have worked with many residential landlords, from new landlords to experienced investor landlords with vast property portfolios. As a result, we’ve built strong, professional relationships with numerous landlords and understand the importance of delivering outstanding customer service while striving to exceed expectations.



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