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Our Team



Craig Sherer

Director of S&S Group of Companies

Craig has a forward-thinking approach to the business, with a constant “upward & onward” attitude. Craig will always go the extra mile to make his staff feel more comfortable and to bring out the best in each of his employees and has successfully cultivated & nurtured the firm to where it is today. Craig is constantly looking for ways to expand his services to the community, and has designed and structured the business in a way where each division is thoroughly organised to provide the best customer experience. Craig loves a good investment deal, and the tougher the negotiation, the more fun it is! Spare time? What’s that!?



Joseph Weisz

Blocks and HMO Management

Joseph is a family man with a big smile and an eye for detail, a great addition to the S&S Family. His hard work, dedication and drive for excellence in the Block Management department over the last 10 years has yielded exceptional results with the department growing exponentially under his watchful eye. Joseph is a master DIY man at heart, he has been messing with hammers, nails, saws, drills and screws almost since he could walk. Using these skills he progressed to professional joinery, creating made to measure furniture to working in the fitted kitchen industry as well some construction. This experience has given him a broad understanding of Property Maintenance as well as a strong perception in Accounting, both of which required for effective Block Management. On his day off you can catch Joseph with tools in hand doing all sorts of DIY jobs around the house from taking out his own chimneys, fitting a new doorbell or landscaping his garden, surrounded by his family.



Avi Begal

Block Management

Avi assists Joseph in the day-to-day management of the Blocks, and is hands on with both the accounting side of the business, as well as maintenance and customer communications. Avi possesses an incredible “keep calm, all is cool” attitude and nothing can faze or frustrate him. Seamlessly handling high volumes of phone calls and emails from our large client base, Avi is popular amongst both his clients, and the team at large.



Aaron Bengio

Kleenrite Group

Aaron manages our in-house contract cleaning company, and with his pleasant and calm personality, provides an excellent service to our clients and beyond. Tasked with overseeing and managing the complex diaries of his staff, Aaron handles the business, and its growth, skilfully and effortlessly, much to the delight of his clientele. Aaron enjoys a bit of luxury and prefers his Laurin & Klement driving seat to the office chair!



Zevi Sherer

Kleenrite Group

Zevi is the Boss’s son. Need more be said?! Zevi is young, full of energy and a great compliment to the management of the Kleenrite Group. Assisting with scheduling, billing and stock control, Zevi has only recently joined, yet his presence has been quick to shine. Zevi is a professional guitarist and is a highly talented artist. Spare time is never spare. There is always room for another jam, and one more piece of conceptual art to create!