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Why Choose Us


Whether you are buying a property, selling your home, contemplating investing in property or looking for agents to manage your existing portfolio, or just searching 'estate agency near me', the ocean of available agencies hungry for work is deep, and selecting the right agency to carry out this vital work can be a daunting and harrowing experience.


S&S Estates realised that the demand & necessity for a one-stop property expert agency covering all sectors of the property market was more an essentiality than a luxury and with Craig Scherer at the helm, S&S Property Group transcended from conceptualisation to completion.

A new era was born.


Compartmentalised and individually managed by specific experts in each field, S&S Estates are now one of the leading providers in Property Investment Opportunities, Residential Block Management, Residential Sales and Property Management across the North West, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.


Why choose us? It’s simple really. We know what we are doing. We love what we are doing, and we will knowingly carry on doing what we love doing, best.


For a no fuss, no mess, straightforward pleasurable property experience, there are 11 very simple key facts you need to keep in mind. 0161 773 5309